Children hovercraft KIDcraft

KIDcraft is the first real working hovercraft for kids!

KIDcraft is a scaled down version of MAD Hovercraft is designed for children. But even an adult can ride in the hovercraft. Its high performance and beautiful design promotes the idea of the child, it is as a parent. Maybe because KIDcraft meet your child dreams of flying hovercraft.

KIDcraft is made ​​of polyester, as well as MAD Hovercraft . The hull is very strong and lightweight with long life. KIDcraft is designed as a small and lightweight and can be sent to all corners of the world, with low postage costs.

Make your dream of raising their child and build functional hovercraft. We supply fuselage, the engine has a home in the garage. Memories of the construction of hovercraft will stay with you and your child's entire life ...

Parameters KIDcraft
Length 1620 mm
Width 1020 mm
Height 370 mm
Height 130-150 mm cushion


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